Lead from the heart to bring out the best in your people

Have you ever wondered why some leaders are so much more effective at bringing out the best in their people? When I facilitate professional development workshops for leaders, I often invite participants to reflect on the leaders they have worked with and most admired. Leaders who served as positive role models and fueled their growth…

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How to thrive as a leader when the going gets rough

Leadership self care when things are rough

Every leader’s performance—positive or negative—is directly influenced by the ways in which they work. Peak performance requires the optimal use of your cognitive storehouse, your brain. Not just how you use it—but when. And that’s especially true during turbulent times when stressors begin to mount, and you can easily become overwhelmed. When you blend that…

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Leaders: Help your team thrive when the going gets rough

In turbulent times, the most effective leaders take the time to care for themselves, and their teams. Their commitment to wellbeing when the going gets rough is often what allows everyone to weather the storm. Here, then, are five concrete strategies leaders can use to help their teams thrive in a difficult time like this one.

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