Coaching and Development for Purpose-Driven Leaders


Your leadership matters and you care deeply about your team.
If you're like most of the leaders I work with, you:

  • Thrive in expert roles but struggle leading people
  • Aren't sure how to navigate more complex leadership
  • Know you have something strong to bring to the table
  • Hesitate to speak up (even when you know you should)
  • Have feedback that your leadership style may need work
  • Aren't sure how to handle difficult conversations
  • Worry more than you let on (professionally and personally)
  • Know something has to change. You're ready to do the work.

Let's equip you with the skills and confidence needed to help you and your team thrive in the workplace.

Proactivity is a different skillset than Reactivity.
We can help you:






Leadership is a journey and I'm your guide, Michelle Lane.

I'm a leadership development coach, consultant, and facilitator. I have over 40 years of leadership, consulting and coaching experience. I know what it's like to face change.

The reality is that leadership is ever-evolving. In an increasingly volatile, complex, and uncertain world, we are being called to step up in ways we haven't before. To lead with purpose, perform at our best, and continue to expand the boundaries of what's possible - for ourselves, and those we lead.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to create the conditions for success in the organizations we lead. The people at the heart of our organizations are counting on us. We need to be ready to:

  • Lead remote teams
  • Embrace diversity
  • Coach & develop others
  • Inspire great performance


  • Delegate effectively
  • Communicate clearly
  • Navigate complexity
  • Lead through uncertainty


It's a lot. I'm here to help.

Michelle Lane

Michelle Lane, CPCC, CLCP

Wondering how to create the landscape for your leadership success? This is how it works:

1. DISCOVERY. We'll start with an introductory call to get clear on the big things: your goals, and your vision - for yourself, and your leadership. And, we'll begin to discover what might be holding you back or getting in the way of your best leadership. We will also create a framework for our working relationship.

2. CLARITY. As the coaching unfolds, you'll be creating the path for your leadership growth and development. Expect to deepen your awareness and insight; explore new ways of tapping into your unique talents and strengths; and create space for the changes you realize matter now. I'll provide the challenge and support to help you lean in and step up to what's possible.

3. EASE. You'll be fully supported throughout, as you make the changes you want for your desired leadership impact and success. You can expect me to be a full partner, working with you, and for you, each step of the way.

Kind Words

I would encourage others to work with Michelle because of her balance of professionalism with personal interaction.  Michelle is invested in ensuring you get to where you need to go to see value from the sessions.  Lots of times, I thought I understood the issue or issue we were going to discuss, only to have the discussion arrive at a much more important revelation.

-- Executive Director, Provincial Government

Before working with Michelle, I was feeling challenged and somewhat uncomfortable with my leadership. I credit her with a tremendous amount of my growth and development both as a CEO and leader. She is someone that was instrumental in how I approached my position. She has been diligent in ensuring that I continue to get the most out of myself. I love the fact that she isn't afraid to challenge my thinking.

-- CEO, Resulta

I was looking for an independent and experienced advisor for clarity and perspective so that I could take my leadership to the next level. After researching executive coaches, I reached out to Michelle and in our first meeting, I knew that she was both highly experienced and someone who I could connect with and count on. Michelle helped me find focus, see different perspectives, and connect it all to a purpose. I've improved my leadership and my satisfaction with work and life.

-- Senior Leader, Public Sector

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