Are you doing enough to future proof your organization?

Our world has changed. Expectations and demands on our time are increasing (personally and professionally). Employees and leaders alike are finding themselves stretched thin: cognitively, emotionally, and financially.

It takes forward-thinking to recognize you need to invest in your leaders. Leaders create the conditions for employee and organization success. If they are not growing, how will you?

I offer virtual and in-person learning experiences tailored to your organization's needs.

My roster of proven professional development programs includes essential topics such as these:

  • Leadership Focus: Training Your Mind to Pay Attention
  • Communication: Cultivating More Effective Leadership Communication
  • Leadership Journey: Stepping Up to Senior Leadership
  • Developing People: Building Your Team 

I blend contemporary adult education principles with my experience as a facilitator and coach. You can also count on the knowledge and perspective I've gained from progressively more senior leadership experiences in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors over the past 40 years.

Together, we develop outcomes your membership or organization needs. Above all, we:

  1. Prepare Participants for Learning
  2. Engage Them in the Process
  3. Empower Them to Apply Their Learning on the Job

The result? Thriving leaders and effective teams.

It's easy to get started.


Reach out and let's chat about your needs.


I'll deliver a proposal that meets your outcomes.


Watch your leadership grow with real results.

Curious? You can download a sample of current offerings here.