Personal Connections are Key to Communication and Leadership Effectiveness

Communication happens best when you ensure meaningful connections are part of the process. So too does the critical work of leadership, whether your goal is to inspire and develop others or build effective teams and organizations. And during a global pandemic that continues to keep us apart, personal connections have never mattered more.

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Lead from the heart to bring out the best in your people

Have you ever wondered why some leaders are so much more effective at bringing out the best in their people? When I facilitate professional development workshops for leaders, I often invite participants to reflect on the leaders they have worked with and most admired. Leaders who served as positive role models and fueled their growth…

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Resilience is the skill you need for lifetime leadership success

Leadership Resiliency

Resilience may prove to be your most important lifetime leadership skill. Why? Resilience is the skill you need most to work effectively amidst a wide range of life and leadership challenges. Specifically, the challenges you face in times of uncertainty, stress, volatility, and change—whatever the source. Setbacks, even outright failures, are inevitable for every leader.…

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Leadership strategies for blended work environments

ffective Communication with a virtual team

For leaders everywhere, building and sustaining effective communication and connections with employees may be your single most important job as a leader. But what does that mean in a blended and/or distributed work environment, in which many team members may never ‘meet’ you, or spend time with each other, in person? We know that employees…

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