Leaders: are you asking the most powerful questions?

Questions are an essential part of every leader’s toolkit. Why? Like an open door, questions can be an invitation to enter and explore. A powerful question can be just the opening everyone needs to get engaged and get the conversation flowing, whether it’s about a difficult topic, building the team, or exploring strategic options. When…

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How to make Curiosity one of your Leadership Superpowers

A sign that says 'ASK' under a street light.

Have you ever noticed how frequently the best leaders ask questions? They know that being curious makes you a better leader. That’s because curiosity goes hand-in-hand with openness, one of the essential qualities of an effective leader. Leaders with an open mind know they don’t have all the answers. They are also willing to appreciate…

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Begin with the essentials to communicate effectively with your team

Leader in the middle communicating with team effectively, representing the essentials of leadership communication

If you lead a team, your ability to communicate effectively is essential to their success. Effective communication drives engagement and is key to the team’s ability to perform at its best. So, what are the essentials of effective leadership communication?  To communicate effectively as a leader, make these practices your communication essentials: To fully appreciate…

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