Communicate with HEART and watch your people thrive

Communication styles naturally vary from leader to leader. They may even look and feel dramatically different. However, if you want to engage, inspire, and empower those you lead, focus on the most effective communication styles and practices. In particular, the approach I call communicating with HEART. HEART = Honesty + Empathy + Authenticity + Relating…

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Three things your team needs from you now

Three post it notes with Clarity, Caring, Flexibility on them.

Though the pandemic continues, many things are changing in the workplace. This means your work as a leader is changing too. While there are clear signals of hope on the horizon, this stage of the pandemic may be the hardest of all. Everyone is tired, and workforce capacity and operations are being challenged like never…

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Personal Connections are Key to Communication and Leadership Effectiveness

Communication happens best when you ensure meaningful connections are part of the process. So too does the critical work of leadership, whether your goal is to inspire and develop others or build effective teams and organizations. And during a global pandemic that continues to keep us apart, personal connections have never mattered more.

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