Considering Leadership Coaching?
Wondering if it’s right for you right now?

Leadership SuccessIf you’re contemplating leadership coaching, and wondering if it’s right for you, here’s a very brief note from me to give you food for thought, as well as a simple set of questions to gauge your readiness.

Clients come to leadership coaching for all kinds of reasons, and each client’s situation is unique. That being said, the reasons typically revolve around change – changes that may be about more, less or different, but change nonetheless. Changes that support and enable your continued growth, development and evolution as a person, and as a leader.

As we know from our own lives, change can be hard at the best of times, even when we really want to make it happen. If you’re thinking about making some real changes, you need to be open to the process of change, and ready to dig in, and dig deep, to move forward.

If you’re committed to making some changes, and considering leadership coaching, here’s a simple tool you can download for free to help you gauge your level of readiness.

Here’s what you can expect to achieve in a 1:1 Coaching and/or Mentoring relationship with me:

  • Create awareness and clarity about yourself, and your leadership: what’s important; where do you want to go, and grow; and what might be holding you back or getting in the way;
  • Develop your vision – your desired future state – and the goals and pathways that will help you get there;
  • Create the space for the changes you want to make, especially the hard ones that may seem especially daunting;
  • Work on your inner game, and your outer game, addressing the shifts in your consciousness that will enable you to make the shift to desired leadership behaviors;
  • Discover what enables you to lead most creatively and effectively, and create the leadership outcomes that matter to you;
  • Discover what triggers you to lead reactively (and what you can do about it), when you default to leadership behaviors that may hinder your effectiveness.

1:1 coaching is also about building a deep, trusting relationship between the coach and the client, so the right fit is really key – for both of us – in order for the coaching to be powerful for you. I offer complimentary coaching sessions as a first step, and invite potential clients to give careful consideration to whether coaching is right for them, right now. And if so, if a coaching relationship with me is the right one for you at this point in your life.

If you’re interested in learning more, or scheduling a complimentary coaching session, let me know and we’ll take it from there.