Effective leadership communication begins with the essentials

Leader in the middle communicating with team effectively, representing the essentials of leadership communication

The pandemic has heightened our appreciation of ‘essentials’ – whether it’s essential workers, essential services, or what qualifies as essential when community lockdowns are in play. Communication also has its ‘essentials’.  If you lead a team, your ability to communicate effectively is essential to their engagement, effectiveness, and success. During an extended pandemic that has…

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Resilience is the leadership skill you need to be building right now.

Leadership Resiliency

Resilience may prove to be your most important leadership skill in 2021. Why? Resilience is the skill you need most to work effectively amidst a wide range of life and leadership challenges. Specifically, the challenges you face in times of uncertainty, stress, volatility, and change—times like now. Setbacks, even outright failures, are inevitable for every…

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How can leaders stay connected with staff working virtually?

ffective Communication with a virtual team

As the pandemic continues to define when, where and how we work today, employees are craving communications and connections with their colleagues and their leaders as never before. They are hungry, too, for the clarity and context that only leaders can provide when communicating and interacting personally with their staff.  For leaders everywhere this year,…

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Leaders: Help your team thrive when the going gets rough

In turbulent times, the most effective leaders take the time to care for themselves, and their teams. Their commitment to wellbeing when the going gets rough is often what allows everyone to weather the storm. Here, then, are five concrete strategies leaders can use to help their teams thrive in a difficult time like this one.

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