Strategic Facilitation

What are the essential, forward-looking strategic planning and organizational development conversations you want to be having with your teams and stakeholders? Whether to envision and plan for a successful future, or work towards the collective leadership culture and performance that enables you to achieve your vision and plan.


Designing and Facilitating Processes that Matter: Strategic Planning, Stakeholder and Employee Engagement

Are you ready to work with your board or leadership team to envision and plan for the next stage of growth? Keen to engage meaningfully with stakeholders, whether for one specific agenda, or a process of ongoing relationship building? Or strengthen your team’s capacity to work together more effectively?

People support what they help to build. Working collaboratively with you and your team, I’ll help you design and facilitate the processes and conversations that will enable you to bring everyone to the table, in ways that engage their hearts and minds in the essential work of co-creating, and bringing to life, your collective vision, mission and strategic goals.

Leadership Strategy Consulting:
Leadership Culture Assessments, Planning and Development – for your team; for your organization

Whether or not you buy in to the concept of ‘culture eating strategy for breakfast,’ the alignment between your business strategy and leadership culture is a critical determinant of business performance and success. So, how does yours measure up? And how can you foster a leadership culture that truly aligns with your shared vision, and supports the leadership performance that enables success?