Leadership Success

Know Where You Stand: Leadership Effectiveness Assessments

Do you have a clear view of your current leadership and effectiveness, and appreciate the ways in which you can grow to realize your greatest success? Working with the Leadership Circle Profile, I’ll help you gain a comprehensive picture of where you stand right now: how you lead, how you respond to events around you, how your behaviors are serving you – or limiting your leadership success – and, importantly, what you can do about it.

The result? The opportunity to see precisely how you can enhance your growth and effectiveness as a leader, and grow to realize your full leadership capacity.

1:1 Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Working with a leadership coach begins with the process of clarifying what matters to you as a person, and as a leader, then co-designing an approach that’s tailored to you and where you want to go, and grow.  Working collaboratively, I’ll help you build – and put into practice – a personal leadership growth plan to guide your way. Think of it as the roadmap for building your capacity, competence and confidence as a leader.

Throughout our journey you’ll gain a deep appreciation of your innate talents, gifts and strengths to support what’s fully possible for you. You’ll also discover what might be limiting your success, and be able to develop and apply concrete strategies for achieving lasting behavioral change – change that can transform you, your leadership and your organization.