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Hello and Welcome. My name is Michelle Lane, and I’m passionate about leadership growth and success – for leaders and the organizations they lead. I work with managers, leaders, professionals and leadership groups who want their leadership, lives and organizations to be even more meaningful, effective and successful. Leaders who want to:

  • Gain clarity about what matters most now, for themselves and their organization
  • Grow and evolve personally and professionally; or develop their organization
  • Become even more effective in their current role, or lead with success in a new one
  • Build their capacity, confidence and competence for more strategic and complex leadership, while enabling the same for those they lead
  • Create the conditions for success in the businesses and organizations they lead

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, and have lived in those shoes, as have the leaders with whom I’ve worked. I can also tell you it’s entirely possible to find effective ways of working with and through each of these challenges and more, to continue growing and thriving as a leader. And enhancing your capacity to enable the same for those you lead.

what can you expect when you work with me?
Collaborative Approach; Concrete Results

No matter how meaningful, satisfying and successful our work, there are inevitably times in our leadership or lives when something else, or something different, matters. Or, we’re compelled by circumstance or choice to step up to a new challenge, and create what’s next. Realities that require us to embrace change to explore what it may hold, and what’s possible for us and for those we lead. And change, as we all know, is hard.

I will meet you and your organization where you are, and help you get to where you want to go, and grow. You can expect me to be a full partner, working with you, and for you, to co-create the solutions that serve you best.

You can also expect to achieve outcomes like these:

  • Gain increased clarity, confidence and competence about who you are, how you lead, and how you can best support your continued growth and development, as a person, and as a leader
  • Practice effective ways of tapping into your unique talents, gifts and strengths to support what’s fully possible for you
  • Discover what enables you to lead most creatively and effectively, creating the leadership outcomes that matter to you
  • Discover what triggers you to lead reactively (and what you can do about it), when you default to leadership behaviors that may limit your effectiveness
  • Develop concrete strategies for achieving lasting behavioral change – change that can transform you, your leadership and your organization

Michelle Lane

Michelle Lane, CPCC, CLCP

  • Leadership development coach, consultant, facilitator
  • Coach and mentor to managers, leaders and professionals; women leaders especially
  • Strategic consultant and facilitator for team and organizational development
  • 35 plus years’ leadership, consulting and coaching experience in varied industries and sectors
  • Extensive executive leadership experience in the post-secondary education sector
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach; Certified Leadership Circle Practitioner

Where do you want to go, and grow today?

Leadership Success
Leadership Development

Are you interested in leadership development coaching that will help you become a more effective and fulfilled leader, enjoying the success that matters to you? And to your organization?

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Strategic Development
Strategic Facilitation

Are you ready to envision and plan for your organization’s future? Or build a leadership culture that strengthens the team’s capacity to bring its strategies and plans to life?

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Learning Solutions
Learning Solutions

Are you looking for leadership development learning opportunities you can weave into your organization to support the ongoing development of your leaders, and leadership talent pipeline?

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If you’d like to gain some really practical advice about becoming a more effective leader, I’ve prepared a short article for you that highlights three things the most effective leaders do really well. It’s a quick read, and gives you practical, concrete leadership development tips you can focus on right now.

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